And there was a triple sound that rose and felt like it was in waves, it was pure magic. From where we were standing, our whole world went a little wild. But we really don't know yet what happened. There was just this feeling like if we could touch with our own hands the ethereal music. In a very strange way we could make this little shadowed situation go through whatever we were doing. We could not explain it, we just knew it felt mysterious to us. Nevertheless, it felt like there was a great sense of balance, like if our focus as a whole was perfect.

"And there was a greater force behind the distortions, the main event by then was observed far beyond our actual location. It was a fierce but friendly presence that didn't match any of the others."

"See, I have set you as a seal on the peoples, and at the right hand of them is the knowledge of the secrets of the underworld. By this you will know that I am He who searches for you, Who keeps you in the womb of darkness andknows your place."

And the blue lights of the planet and of the moon were one blue; it was the pure blue of another moon; and it was like the pure blue of some blue sea (for so it was) blue above and ruddy beneath. And it was now like before, suddenly being less than what it had been, lower even than the past golden sight.

And there was a ripple that rose and felt, and again rose and felt again of the motes in the blue rain that was beginning to fall on the rocks; fragile air flew away over the rocks and left behind the silhouettes and shapes of the trees. And the wind, the high wind, rose up and ruffled the rocks that shine dark blue by the rain.

We din't know how late it was but the darkness didn't fade away when the flickering candles had started to glow with light. We had not realised it was so dark. The candle shone strong and the light it cast seemed to fade away leaving nothing but white.

Valleys were desolate where normally glimmers of hope seemed to spread out from within. The city streets now appeared to be surfaceless.

Echo silenced the valleys and rivers, the eagle left the nest, and Orion swept out his golden cloak across the sky. And still the Earth shook, and not a sound was heard save the rustle of the trees. Ere dawn they knew no more; for in the thin air, the ship that sailed to heaven would not reach them.

We found a mirror image of these refracted moments in the original afternoon. Unexplained memory flashes accompanied these notes of mellow playing. The sounds from the bottom of the valley were casting a rhythmic half-circle of waves between the distant peaks above. A whole world that was dimly visible as light broke on it and illuminated a thought.


Echo silenced the valleys and rivers, the eagle left the nest, the wildflowers had vanished, the grass was completely bare. There was no object to speak of. There was nothing left except the air. Slowly the air became dark, and the song faded. The people watched the cometary rain gradually descend on the earth and saw the sky darken into darkness again.

The White Darkness came down, and again the pegasus cloud returned, this time more dense. The earth turned again, darker, and the last murmur of the chirps ceased.

The whistle of the bells grew faint, the hum of the horses grew faint. The chime of the gongs sounded out in vain for the last time, and the watchers gave up.


And here is the purpose of the machine I keep; to work in the dark in the emptiness of space, waiting, waiting for the planets to align, time to fall backwards, come closer, time to go away, and then with everything in a perfect framework it will be so.

And with that machine, and with all of the works of madness and beauty and wonder, and secrets and escapades, we will be around. And we will watch the stars.

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And the water was changed to wine, And the trees grew out of the ground,

And the fowl of heaven were made sweet, And the beasts of the earth grew gentle,

And the children of men became like the beasts of the earth; And the endlessness of space was broken up,

And the crags of the mountains were made level, And the blue lights of the planet and of the moon were one,

And the deeps of the sea were made fresh, And the deep waters were dried up,

And the air was cleansed of all the dead.

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It seemed like the place was suddenly quiet. There was no visible damage. But a few seconds later a tiny little ku-u-lu-tu sound could be heard, it was a little noise, like when you draw something on the wall with a pencil and you make it stick to the wall. A little green string of grass felt off and left a little wish.

It was like that: when we turned around, it was several more seconds passed the time.